Ravens Ultimate

Welcome to Robert Eagle Staff Ravens Ultimate!


This website will be your primary source of information about the Ultimate program at Robert Eagle Staff Middle School (RESMS). Please bookmark this site, come back often, and use it as a reference for information regarding Ultimate at RESMS.

Fall Ultimate at RESMS is a sanctioned sport run by the Seattle Public Schools and governed by the policies of the Seattle Public Schools, Robert Eagle Staff Middle School, and DiscNW.

Spring Ultimate at RESMS is a club sport and governed by the policies of DiscNW.

Find out more here: Fall Middle School League

The Three Pillars of our Program

BE KIND - show respect and compassion to teammates, to coaches, to other competitors and to yourself.

PLAY HARD - we are here to play Ultimate and compete. We work hard to become better teammates and competitors. Giving 100% helps make yourself and your teammates better.

MAKE IT FUN - enjoy your teammates, help build new friendships, bring energy to the team.

As coaches, we work hard to follow these pillars as well. We work to bring a fun energetic hard working atmosphere to the program.

Fall 2018 Rosters


Mark Stone
Bharath Modayur

Charlotte D.
Dara J.
Elana G.
Ella C.
Hahna B.
Sadye Y.
Stella Mae H.
Taryn P.
Tulip H.

Alex J.
Daniel WM.
Dominic C.
Hank B.
Isaak O.
Joshua H.
Mason S.
Miles D.
Nikhil M.
Quinn G.
Rumi B.
Seamus D.
Simon S.
Trey C.


Lexy Relph
Kristen Dailey
James Dailey

Eleanor G.
Iris S.
Isabelle J.
Keira S.
Lola V.
Malia J.
Maria A.

David H.
Dennis F.
Finn L.
Jackson K.
Jordan L.
Jordhen S.
Kai K.
Keirin K.
Niall S.
Theo D.
True E.

6th/7th C

Christa June
Emma Ward

Ada S.
Alexandra T.
Amy P.
Anja W.
Aria P.
Daisy VZ
Kiera K.
Zoey B.

Anderson K.
Colin C.
Evan H.
Finn B.
Haemish C.
Isak S.
Johan L.
Max H.
Noah D.
Ross O.
Thomas H.
Ty F.
William R.

6th Grade - A

Kathy Scott
Vida Towne

Abby D.
Ainsley P.
Hannah DS.
Madeline P.
Maria dL.
Maya B.
Silvia PP

Arjun M.
August JH
Gabriel MB
Henry F.
Holden F.
Jack C.
Jude B.
Julian S.
Luca D.
Ravi H.
Vincent K.
Wyatt C.
Wyatt GA.

6th Grade - B

Chandler Dennison
Alexa Yadama

Grace J.
Lucy W.
Nicole M.
Rebecca C.
Ruth J.
Tansy V.

Aiden J.
Bennett H.
Eli K.
Greyson H.
Jack B.
Jason M.
Micah C.
Miles B.
Nathaniel D.
Sean B.


Practices for all teams start the week of September 17 and will be on Tuesdays and Fridays from 4:00pm to 5:30pm.

First game is Saturday, September 22. Last regular season game is November 3. Playoffs are November 10 and 17.

Most games will be at Ingraham High School on Saturdays throughout the season, but could also be at Franklin, Rainier Beach, or Garfield. Times are TBD but could be as early as 8:00am and as late as 3:00pm.


We will be using the same jerseys that were used last Spring. For new players, or those who have outgrown/lost theirs, new jerseys will be available for purchase for $30. We will have a very limited number of jerseys we can loan for the season. See the ELECTRO JERSEY on this page for sizing.

Coaching Philosophy

As coaches, we work hard to follow the Three Pillars noted above as well. We work to bring a fun energetic hard working atmosphere to the program. We practice positive reinforcement.

We know that all can have lapses from time to time. Our steps for reinforcing our Pillars are:


Any questions, please email eaglestaffultimate@gmail.com.